Manic Monday: Earth


I don’t know if it’s because I’m a child of the 70s or because I grew up in a city where nature is so vitally important to us but I have always been so tied to the Earth. I can remember as a kid being mad seeing people throw trash on the ground. Now, I want to take out my cell phone and call in the plate number of the people I see doing it.


We all know the effects that Katrina had on New Orleans, but what many did not take the time (or didn’t care) to learn was that Katrina was not just a natural event that came upon NOLA. Had Katrina happened twenty years ago, the damage would not been as harsh, levee faults or not. The reason being that our marsh land, which serves as a buffer between the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana loses the amount of 20 football fields a day to erosion. After the 2005 hurricane season, Louisiana lost 217 square miles of wetlands. Without these wetlands, hurricanes do not have anything to slow them down and break the blow of the storm. They then hit with full force. If you have a chance to see the IMAX film, Hurricane on the Bayou, I highly recommend it. It began filming before Katrina and was halted when the storm hit. When you see it you will get a clear picture on how much we Louisianians depend on Mother Earth and how fragile our relationship with her is.

Love your mother!


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