Summertime… and the living ain’t so easy Tuesday, Jun 30 2009 

It’s been one hellacious summer; already.

My library had to be packed up to move to the new school site and I had to prepare my library for the new school.  (oodles of fun, I HIGHLY recommend it)

It’s hot as Hades out there, can’t even stand to walk outside, much less partake in any family events.  I only have one kiddo left in summer camp.  And, she’s raring to go to Kindergarten so she’s not really digging the whole summer camp scene. The eighth grader and fourth grader are itching to get at my last nerve, but I have locked it away and they can’t have it.

GNOWP has gone on without me, sadly.  I couldn’t participate this year, much to my dismay.  At least I still got to keep in touch with them via Twitter and facebook.

I’m gearing up for the new school opening this August.  I’ll likely be back to work on July 20th to get the ball rolling.  Luckily, my two youngest, have tested into the academic magnet school where I am, so they’ll be with me and get a great enriching education.  BUT, it means all new uniforms, new friends, new everything.  I have a feeling they’ll be OK.

As for me… I’ve been doing what else.. reading and watching TV.  I rewarded myself with a Kindle2 for lots of overtime work and I’m thoroughly addicted.  Keeping up with my favorite authors on Twitter has become a new fave pastime.  Check some of them out at my twitter page

I promise (ok, I’ll make an attempt) to keep my blog updated more often.  Life tends to get away with you when you work too many hours and have three active kids.

Missed y’all!



Wordless Wednesday #19- I’m on your laptop, posting on your blog! Tuesday, Sep 4 2007 


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My class’ blog Thursday, Dec 28 2006 

We’ve started our own blog and I’ve added some of our activities.  They are really getting a kick out of this.

Stop by and visit us.  Our school’s mascot is the shooting star and each classroom adopted a constellation or star as it’s name.  We are Aquila, Orion’s eagle. 

Thursday Thirteen #9- Why Being At a Conference Isn’t So Great… Wednesday, Nov 29 2006 


  1. Not sleeping in your own bed, with your own pillow, with your own kitty curled up in the crook of your arms.
  2. Being alone at a Tech conference, does that just spell out L-O-S-E-R???
  3. It’s in downtown Baton Rouge, can you say HIP and HAPPENING?
  4. My toilet got clogged as soon as I got here and the button to call the front desk and housekeeping didn’t work.
  5. The conference runs from 7-5, that’s my normal work hours, isn’t it supposed to be shorter?
  6. I don’t get to kiss my kids goodnight or even yell at them for being too loud.
  7. I don’t get to kiss my husband or shove him when he snores.
  8. I don’t get to get a wet nose kiss from the dog or shush him when he barks at 6am.
  9. I don’t get to play with the kitten.
  10. (and a few good points) I’ll finally learn how to podcast with my students.
  11. I’ll get info on so my kids can safely email and blog.
  12. My hotel is right on the river and next to the beautiful Old Capital Building. (of course I didn’t bring my camera)
  13. I only have to “walk” to work… minus the 2 hour drive here today and 2 hour drive back home on Friday.

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