It’s summer time… time for rebirth and renewal! Saturday, Jun 26 2010 

It’s been a full year since I’ve been here. Facebook and Twitter and foursquare have completely taken my attention span. I decided that I would attempt to revive the blog back in the manner that I gave life to it… as a blog about the three key things in my life…

The Kids:

  • Eldest Child is heading off to HIGH SCHOOL. Yes, it totally merited those caps. It is scaring the bazookas outta me. Does she care? I don’t think so. Me, terrified.
  • Only Son is finishing his last year of elementary school. Still the tiny little guy, same size as his baby sister, but willing to take her in a duel. This Middle Child perplexes me in how much he loves school but doesn’t want to show that he thinks school is “cool”. He is refusing to let me purchase the 5th grade class shirt. Sigh.
  • Mini Me has exploded onto the scene. She’s going into 1st grade and is ready for high school. She’ll be taking her formal talented drama screening this fall. If she doesn’t make it, there is something seriously wrong here.

The Cats

  • Hugo is the daddykins at 7. He doesn’t leave my bed unless I’ve come home and am sitting on the couch… then he comes to the front room to stare at me to inquire as to why I haven’t made it to bed yet.
  • Mouse is still white and still deaf and is now 3. He has the run of the house since Hugo isn’t going anywhere that doesn’t involve me. But, he mainly sticks to windowsills or sofa cushions above Eldest Child’s head (preferably ON her head).
  • Charlie, our Katrina wild child, has declared himself a wild child yet again. He’s five this year… a reminder of the storm and how much time and how much and how little has changed. He decided the outside life was no longer for him. He now protects the yard from the random cardinal or squirrel and if another cat should think of coming within a yard of ours… they’d better think again.

The Books:

  • Well, let’s just say they keep on coming and they get better and better. I hope to review more often. I am now working as an elementary librarian at the school where Only Son and Mini Me attend. Luckily, it’s an advanced school so we have a wide variety of books to read.


  • Lots to talk about, lots going on, lots still to do.

I hope you missed me. I hope you’ll be back.



Surviving Gustav (with kids, cats, and books) Friday, Sep 5 2008 

We decided to watch and wait.  Watch and wait.  Watch and leave.  We originally booked rooms “just in case” in Lafayette, LA.  Turns out that was right in the path of Gustav.  Scratch that plan.  We got rooms in Birmingham, AL.  Saturday I was still on the fence.  I really didn’t want to leave when G was still not even in the Gulf.  Ivan taught us about that.  I come from a family of “stayers.”  Ivan and Katrina are the only times I’ve ever left in my life.  Ivan… well that was a waste of 34 hours in a car with a 9 week old.  Katrina… well we all know how that turned out.  22 days in 2 states and 2 hotel rooms with 5 people, including a cat and a just-turned 1 year old.  So, call me stubborn, but unless I KNEW I had to leave I was a bit reticent to do so.

We woke up Sunday morning and decided we should go.  I convinced my sister-in-law, whom I love dearly, to call my brother-in-law, who…not so much, to see if we could just go to his house since he lives just outside of Baton Rouge.  It’s closer in case of an Ivan fiasco and cheaper in case of a Katrina ordeal.  He agreed and we cancelled the B’Ham reservations.  We left at noon on Sunday.  With contraflow in full effect we made great time (considering the 34 hours for Ivan and 28 for Katrina) of 2 1/2 hours!  We got to the house and immediately brought our five cats, in their kennels, into the house.  Our two choc. labs we brought into the fenced back yard.  SIL’s two dogs went to the back yard.  Our niece’s two lap dogs came inside in their kennel and her cat did likewise.  We were greeted with, “What’s that stench?”  Ummm, that would be a kitten that got sick on the car ride???  We’re going to clean the cage as soon as we get a chance to breathe.  Mind if we pee first?  Well, we brought the cats outside to clean out the cage and they were never allowed back in the house!  Nor any of the dogs, or my niece’s cat.  We were told where we could eat and drink and were told we were using too many of our OWN towels.

When power went out on day two… the generator was hooked up.  The tv and fridge were hooked to it, along with a couple of fans for the den and garage (for our poor indoor pets!)  Little did we know that they had a window unit cranked up in their bedroom!!

My kids were ridiculed for how much they ate (too much for the youngest, not enough for the boy, and just comments on how skinny my oldest was.)

I brought a book along for when the power went out.  Of course, that choice was questioned too, as it was a Katrina memoir.

I was even criticized (without even talking about it myself… I guess it was the bumper sticker on my car) for voting for a n*#%&!!!!  Well, let’s just say, I started drinking to keep my sanity then.  And of course, my Edge network went out about the same time, so my link to people with common sense, my Twitter folks, was gone.

The first they mentioned about coming home- we were on a mission.  Hubs and SIL went out at the crack of dawn and bought supplies for the trip home and we were off.  Home to find a house cold with a/c and my Direct TV working just fine.  Twittering non-stop now.  Boy, I missed NOLA.

People, remind me next time to head for Birmingham, please!

Summer Fun Thursday, Jun 26 2008 

So, summer is off and running… I’m still working, sort of.  I’m helping out with the Greater New Orleans Writing Project, voluntarily 😀  It ends on July 9th, then I’ll have two weeks off before the Advanced GNOWP Institue starts, which I’m taking as a student…  Yay!  That lasts two weeks, then school starts back for me on August 6th.  So much for summer, huh?!  I have had some fun though.  Tuesday night I took my eldest daughter (going on 12 -going on 30-) to see Carrie Underwood.  By some sheer luck I snagged floor seats right next to the ramp where she walks out on the day of the concert!  Fantastic show!  It was her last date of the tour.  Then, last night hubby and I took the entire brood, plus our son’s best friend, to see the Ringling Bros. Circus.  They had a blast (as did I!)  We’re planning on taking them to the brand new Audubon Institute Insectarium that opened a few weeks ago.  It’s in the U.S. Customs House, which was sitting empty on Canal Street.  Since I last blogged we have also gained a new family member, a kitten we rescued from a lunatic teenager that was trying to drown him in a bucket of water.  Hubby came to the rescue and Gus now rules the house, even though he weighs not 2 pounds soaking wet!  Charlie has again taken on the “Baby Daddy” role.  Such a great Dad!

I’ll check back in as my super summer progresses…

Gus Gus


Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Big Kitties

Big Kitties at the Circus

Wordless Wednesday #21- No TV for you!! Tuesday, Nov 27 2007 

TV?? No TV for you! Not while cats are around!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



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Charlie is famous…. Tuesday, Nov 6 2007 

Hubby posted my pic of Charlie when I caught him in his “compromising” position and a friend edited it and sent it in to one of the various Caturday sites. LOL Charlie is famous 🙂



Wordless Wednesday #18- Geez, can’t I get a moment of privacy?? Tuesday, Jul 24 2007 


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Wordless Wednesday #13- Hey, that’s my seat! Tuesday, May 22 2007 

Molly stealing Mouse’s seat


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Molly– My Mother’s Day Gift Monday, May 14 2007 

Well, my dearest hubby decided to surprise me with a new kitten for Mother’s Day.  She is just adorable; so tiny.  She’s 6 weeks old and attached to him.  Of course she was adopted, and I think she’s liking her new home… well, except for the other cats hissing at her.  But, I’m sure at least Charlie will take to her since he became Mouse’s Baby-Daddy. 🙂Molly

Perspective… see how tiny she is compared to the remote??

Molly and the Remote

Cheaper than a Dyson!! Sunday, May 6 2007 

Catching up… Sunday, Apr 22 2007 

So, Hugo and Charlie have made amends and I caught them catching up on what happened while Charlie was gone.  I’m sure Charlie had a scary story or two to tell.  Being that Hugo is the definition of a scaredy-cat… anything he told him was scary!


Charlie is HOME!!! Monday, Apr 16 2007 

My husband was going out to pick up his dad’s lawnmower at 7:30.  I was complaining that he was going at such a late hour with the kids having to get to bed and such.  Anyway, he left and as I was getting the 2 1/2 yr old ready for a bath he comes running back in the house yelling that he’s on his way to get Charlie.  Apparently the neighbors three houses down have been feeding him and had put a flea collar on him.  He’s covered with fleas and has lost quite a bit of weight.  He has a cut on his nose, undoubtedly from a fight.  I’ll be calling the vet in the morning to get him in for a check up and hopefully a dip.  We have him in a carrier and Mouse is laying outside of it, so glad to have his Baby-Daddy home.

What the cats do while Mom’s away… Monday, Apr 16 2007 

This is what I came home to after shopping at Target…

Mouse snoozing

(Said in perfect Chandler timing) Could Mouse BE any more comfortable?  (and no, I don’t make my bed, don’t get on my ass about it!)

And, don’t think Hugo wasn’t just as comfy!

Hugo snoozing

Charlie is missing… Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

I haven’t posted about it yet because I kept holding out hope that he would come home, but our dear Charlie has run away. Our house flooded from a sewer main back-up on January 31st. The next day, the Rooter Man came out to the house to fix the clog and then my husband kept the doors open to clear out the smell and start dragging out the carpet. In the midst of this, Charlie got out. We’ve been setting a trap in the yard, but have only caught the other ferals from around the neighborhood. We’ve posted his picture in all the local vet offices, pet store, Humane society, and adoption center. Our neighbor has seen him in the yard in the early, early morning but we have only seen him once, about a week after he went missing. Our main concern is that he is declawed. My only hope is that some other pet lover out there has found him, seen that he was declawed, and taken him into their home. I’m constantly looking for him. Hugo and Mouse miss him. I miss my footwarmer. The one good thing that has come out of this is that the LA/SPCA, Spay Louisiana, and Alley Cat Allies are offering vouchers for low cost spays of ferals (10 bucks!), so since we have been so successful at trapping the neighborhood population, we’re going to begin TNRing (Trap-Neuter-Releasing) the ferals. We’ll be doing it in Charlie’s honor.


How about ‘dem’ Saints??? Sunday, Jan 14 2007 

Woohoohoo!!!  This is something the city really needs.    Even though Mouse couldn’t hear the fireworks, loud music and chaos in the neighborhood last night when we won… he totally got into reading about it this morning in the paper!

Go Saints!!  (and go Seahawks, we need to be at home next week!!)

Thursday Thirteen #9 – 13 post-surgery tips Thursday, Dec 21 2006 


  1. When they say “bikini incision” ask them whose bikini they’re talking about….
  2. Expect your lovely stretch marks battle scars to become poochy, puffy blobs after above referred bikini incision.
  3. When they say don’t lift over 20 lbs, don’t think that if you try to lift your 26 lb two year old “lightly” that you can get away with it, YOU CAN’T.
  4. Even though they mean well, keep the 35 and 85 lb lap dogs out of the room. They simply cannot curl up in your lap.
  5. You can however let your kitties lay on every body part that you have, except that incision.
  6. Keep the Percocet coming.
  7. After #6, don’t try to navigate the hallways around said kitties.
  8. Keep your Tivo well stocked with movies and Monk, it makes the days go by faster, between naps that is.
  9. Take plenty of naps.
  10. If you use 5 pillows and recline way back, you can still use the laptop for short periods.
  11. A straw is a handy tool.
  12. Motrin 600mg shouldn’t be knocked either…
  13. One week post-surgery, I’m still surviving. Since they couldn’t do it the “easy” way and had to do the “cut”, looks like I’ll be living by these tips for another 3-4 weeks at least instead of the 2-3 that were expected. Those tv shows need to come off of Christmas break!

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