This little blog came about as a way to write some ramblings about my life with my family of way too many:

my husband


my three kids




four cats:

Hugo, the ‘fraidy cat;


Charlie, “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.”;


Mouse, “Being deaf doesn’t affect me in any way at all, I still charm the ladies (namely my mommy).”;


and the newest addition, Molly, “Don’t let my size fool you, I’m one fierce mama jamma!”

Molly and the Remote

and two new chocolate labs: one, Buster, who’s afraid of water… so much for that “water dog” theory, and Lola, who’s a showgirl in every sense of the word.


and of course the hamster and the parakeet….

I’m a teacher in the suburbs of New Orleans and I have a passion for reading; mostly mysteries and memoirs… right now it just happens to be young adult fiction πŸ˜€ I have my MEd in Language Arts and I find myself teaching 8th grade Mathematics this year. Talk about a confused woman :P. I still find time to read to my “kids” though.

I’ve been a member of a message board for moms for just about 4 years now. Between there and here in the blogosphere, it’s kind of hard to explain to people in the “real world” that your friend Mama Duck gave the best advice on cleaning up after a chocolate mess or those cats Zeus and Kukka Maria said the funniest things today. Or, you come across a blog of someone from your hometown going through the same ups and downs that you are. Weird how life works.