School starts back up for teachers on August 8th… that means I have less than a month to do everything I want to do. Chances are looking slim, but anyway….


  1. Read the massive stack of books in my To Be Read pile.
  2. Start eating healthy. :snicker: …yeah even I had to laugh at that one…
  3. Watch the massive pile up of movies I have on my Tivo.
  4. Finally get these four movies that I have at home from Netflix watched and sent back so I’m not paying all summer for four movies.
  5. Learn to build a nice website for my school so the hubby doesn’t say one more time, “Oh, I can do that for you.”
  6. Maybe teach my children to stop talking at decibels only my ears and dogs can hear.
  7. Put the wainscoting up in the little one’s bedroom. Not so much for the decor purposes, but more for the easy cleaning purposes.
  8. Actually crack open the six new cookbooks I got when I joined The Good Cook book club…
  9. Start looking at the curriculum for the new grade level.
  10. Go out to eat for the NO Aids Dine For Life Event. (If anyone wants to send in a donation it’s July 19th, go here for info!)
  11. Blog more!
  12. Drink more!
  13. Sleep more!

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