Manic Monday




I learned about independence at an early age. Being an only child I was alone a lot. No cousins around, no kids my age, I mostly hung out with the adults. So, I was the kind of kid that sat around reading books and listening to music that the adults liked. When my parents split and my mom got back into the dating scene, I learned to be even more independent. Her boyfriend, when I was 15, lived in Baton Rouge. So, my mom would leave on Friday night to go visit him and leave me with 20 bucks to help myself to pizza and such. If I wasn’t such a “good girl” I would have had parties and invited people over to hang out. But, no, what did I do? I ordered a pizza on Friday night, ate sunflower seeds and drank Coke while staying up late reading books. Just leaves me to wonder, what gave me such a strong independent spirit?? What did you do as a child that was independent?


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