1. Top Chef Miami… I just love to see what they do with the strange items.
  2. Psych… I just love this show. It’s so good to see Dule’ Hill back on the air.
  3. Monk… I must say I’m a bit Monk-ish. Well, except for touching points part.
  4. Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-List… Gotta love her, she doesn’t mince words.
  5. The Closer… “Excuse me, puhleeease.” Love that show.
  6. Saved… Yay, you gotta love a self-destructive guy. πŸ™‚
  7. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip… at least they’re showing the last six episodes. I think Aaron Sorkin should ALWAYS be employed.
  8. Last Comic Standing… Because laughing is a GOOD thing.
  9. Big Brother… yes, I’ll complain that it’s boring again, but I’ll watch it again πŸ™‚
  10. Rock Star… just to see what Tommy Lee has to say and to see how obnoxious Dave Navarro can be. Plus, some good music.Β  Ok, so apparently I read the wrong Summer TV site and it was last years previews… Dork!Β  So add Hell’s Kitchen here πŸ™‚
  11. Real World Las Vegas Reunion Show… that was the first season to get trashy, will they still be trashy five years later?
  12. The Next Food Network Star… although I don’t think I’ve seen but one of the last two winners’ shows, I’ll still watch.
  13. And, Windfall... (see above dork reason) But, for this category you can add in Big Love... cause watching peoples lives fall apart is just plain entertaining.

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