Manic Monday




Hmmm… this is tough one. This week’s Manic Monday is in honor of Janna and her wonderful graphic talents. I’m not very graphically inclined, so I decided to go with the definition of written, inscribed, or drawn.

I am embarking on a great challenge this summer in being a part of the National Writing Project. It will take a lot of creativity on my part, and will hopefully make me a better teacher of writing and a better writer myself. The Greater New Orleans chapter takes only 20 teachers per summer institute. I have been lucky to be selected as one of those teachers. However, now I am completely petrified. I like to think that I am humorous, witty, and have a lot to say. But, when faced with the idea that when I show up at the door on June 4th I have to have a written piece to submit for critique by my other 19 colleagues…. I’m frozen. I don’t know what to write. I don’t know if I should write a serious piece, a funny piece, a poem…. I just don’t know. We also have to submit graphic representations of our literacy learning. What will I bring? I still have my own books from childhood that I voraciously read over and over. I have my copy of The Thorn Birds, which was the first “grown up” book that I read at nine. I have all of the favorite books that I love to teach to my students. But, do I just bring books as my graphic representation? I’m sure I’ll figure it all out by June 4th, but at the moment I have hit a graphic roadblock.

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