1. I was awakened by the sound of children screaming.
  2. My 2 3/4 yr old decided that Mommy shouldn’t get to watch what she wanted, it was Dora or nothing!
  3. My present, Molly the kitten, clawed my arms to shreds.
  4. My 7(-in-two-weeks) yr old kept fighting with his sisters all day.
  5. My 10 3/4 yr old ignored me for most of the day in favor of her DS.
  6. The big cats hissed at the kitten all day.
  7. But,
  8. My husband did let me sleep all day.
  9. I did get a nice bud vase with tulips on Friday.
  10. I got a card from the boy which said the reason he loves me is because I’m “nice.”
  11. The 10 going on 20 yr old told me she loved me. Which is rare these days.
  12. I also got a Fleur-de-Lis amulet necklace I’ve been wanting.
  13. Did I mention sleep??

Hope all the mommies had a great day!

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