I haven’t posted about it yet because I kept holding out hope that he would come home, but our dear Charlie has run away. Our house flooded from a sewer main back-up on January 31st. The next day, the Rooter Man came out to the house to fix the clog and then my husband kept the doors open to clear out the smell and start dragging out the carpet. In the midst of this, Charlie got out. We’ve been setting a trap in the yard, but have only caught the other ferals from around the neighborhood. We’ve posted his picture in all the local vet offices, pet store, Humane society, and adoption center. Our neighbor has seen him in the yard in the early, early morning but we have only seen him once, about a week after he went missing. Our main concern is that he is declawed. My only hope is that some other pet lover out there has found him, seen that he was declawed, and taken him into their home. I’m constantly looking for him. Hugo and Mouse miss him. I miss my footwarmer. The one good thing that has come out of this is that the LA/SPCA, Spay Louisiana, and Alley Cat Allies are offering vouchers for low cost spays of ferals (10 bucks!), so since we have been so successful at trapping the neighborhood population, we’re going to begin TNRing (Trap-Neuter-Releasing) the ferals. We’ll be doing it in Charlie’s honor.