You know, I like to pride myself on being a lazy type. Sure, I get things done when I want to; but I can veg out with the best of them. My late mother-in-law, bless her soul, even commented once on how lazy I was and I couldn’t help but thinking; wait a minute, you’ve been a SAHM your entire life, never learned to drive, had people take you everywhere… and I’M the lazy one? (I am sooo not saying that SAHM’s are lazy! Believe me, my year of sabbatical taught me that!) But, when your youngest child is 33 and you make that comment we’re talking different different circumstances. Anyway, that comment got to me, in a really bad way. I mean, I am 35 (very, very, very close to 36 years old), I have three children, a marriage that is almost 12 years old. I work 7:30-5:15 CLOCK HOURS a day as a teacher, then come home for more teacher work along with kids and two dogs, three cats, making sure the hamster is still alive, and a husband to pay attention to. I have a Masters Degree, plus 30 hours and am registered for 6 hours in the Spring. I have worked full time since I was 17 years old, 25 hours a week since 16. So, when it comes to my day/days off, or God forbid, a surgery recoup that is supposed to be a 6 week time and here I sit at 3w3d, I want to relax. Man, I swear I didn’t mean for this to be a rant, sorry guys.

So, for what I did in the 3w3d since I took my “vacation” from work. I go back tomorrow for half-days for this week. The following week my doc is going to let me go back full time.

I read. A LOT. I read six books, even in my drugged state, ya gotta love that Percocet.

I am now just over halfway with the Plum series. I read, Four, Five, Six, and Seven by Evanovich. I started Eight today.

I also finished J.A. Jance’s Dead Wrong. I got it last summer but never got around to it. It was worth the wait. I love Joanna Brady.

Then, I finally got around to reading Kim Edward’s Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It was FANTASTIC!

Then to the T.V. and Movies…. Sheesh.

I’ve watched just about every episode of Monk that was on, including the marathon on New Year’s Day. I realize more and more as I watch the show that I’m a Monk.

I’ve taken to the Junk Brothers, they do some pretty neat stuff and they’re also pretty nice to look at. I caught up on all the other stuff I’ve been saving up in my Tivo.