Introducing Lola, the latest addition to our growing menagerie of pets…  Hubby found her on Petfinder and we ended up getting her free because she was a rescue situation.  Either we took her or she was going to a shelter where she was sure to be killed.  She is AKC registered and 9 mos old.  The foster mom drove her from Dallas to Lafayette, LA and Hubby drove from NOLA to Lafayette to get her.  She’s a bit underweight, but I’m sure she’ll add it quickly.  The first night she ate a bowl of food the size we normally feed Buster in 37 seconds.  Now she eats it in about 2 min, 40 sec… I guess she realizes it’s not going anywhere.  Lovey-dovey is the complete opposite of Buster.  She’s hyper and loves water and fetches the ball before it hits the ground.  Here she is: