Just a few updates, since I haven’t updated lately.  I posted about Mouse, our new kitten.  Since then we’ve also added another Chocolate Lab to the herd, saving her from sure death.  Her name is Lola and she surely is a showgirl.  She and Buster are total opposites.

I’m going to be out of commission for a bit due to surgery that I’m having on Thursday.  The surgery has some definite ups and downs; ups– no more endo pain and no more Aunt Flo… downs– I’ll be in bed, with no driving or lifting over 20 lbs (read any of my cats or kids; but yes to the books) priviledges for three weeks.  We won’t be having any more kids, but with the bevy of animals, I don’t think we could afford any more if we wanted any…. 😀

When I’m up to it I’ll try to check in.  Hope you all out there in blog-land have a fabulous holiday season.  I’m just wishing for temperatures below the 70 and muggy that we had today.