We are the proud new owners of a new kitten.  It only took three emails, with photo attachments, and one phone call and we were sold.   Right now we’re calling him Mouse as that’s what Londa, my dear friend and resident cat lady was calling him.  He got the name because he’s white with blue eyes and big ol’ pink ears.  The reason she called me and thought of me is because she knows I’m a caring pet owner and would take good care of him.  See, Mouse is also deaf.  Can’t hear a single sound.  Good for him because my loud ass kids don’t bother him one bit.  Not so good for him because he can’t hear the 80 lb. Choc. Lab who thinks he’s a toy poodle coming up behind him.  We got him a little bell collar to warn us that he’s underfoot because he’s still so tiny.  My ten year old has adopted him and is taking great care of him.  I guess it’s good that we’re breeding the next generation of crazy cat ladies.