1. My wonderful husband who is so understanding about my various illnesses and needs for rest and for being a fantastic dad.
  2. My oldest daughter, who can be a total PITA at times, but is one of the sweetest children on Earth the rest of the time.
  3. My son, who when he’s not saying “I can’t” is the most loving, hugging, darling boy that could have been given to me.
  4. My lovely youngest baby girl, who even going through the terrible twos, is the sparkle of my eyes.
  5. My mother, who has been through so much in this past year, for keeping her head up and a smile on her face.  I hope I have her grace and dignity in 20 more years.
  6. My grandmother, who lost my grandfather after 65 years together and 60 years of marriage, she continues on lost without him but still continues on.
  7. My three (yes, I said three, I’ll post more about that later) cats/and kitten.  They are always there when I need a cuddle or a laugh.
  8. My “afraid of water” Chocolate Lab who always knows when to put his big wet nose on me at the right time.
  9. My great students who keep me going day after day with a drive to do more to help them succeed.
  10. My community, who even still struggling 15 months later, continues to amaze me with their incredible generosity.  This included a community Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, a first for our town.
  11.  My blogging and online family for their years and months of friendship.
  12. This blog, for an outlet to my thoughts and streams of unconsciousness… as well as the occasional fun meme.
  13. After all my health issues, I’m especially thankful to be here to enjoy the 12 above.

Thank you all!

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