So, (wow, I sure do use that word a lot, along with these dang commas!) I scratched my cornea last night.  Multiple times.  I got home from an exceptionally long and hard day at school and decided I needed to splash some water on my face.  Only as I was doing so did I realize I still had my contacts in.  Now, these are the contacts that you can sleep in for thirty days but I have had numerous eye problems and I NEVER, EVER do.  So, (see there I go again!) I thought as I was wiping my eye with the towel…. hmmm, wonder if I should be doing this.  I then took out my right contact, no problem.  Go to take out the left and whoopsies, not there.  Hmmmm, let me root around a bit, I guess I moved it with the water and the towel.  Nope still don’t feel it.  Looked around the sink, on the towel, the floor, didn’t see it, so… it must be still in my eye.  So, I go to digging again.  By the time I finish, my eye is bright red and flooding.  Back to the long day for a moment, one student came to school with pink eye.  He was only there for 45 minutes before I sent him to the office, but yet, he was there.  So, know I get to wondering do I have pink eye???  I have felt the entire surface of my eye and swear I can feel a ridge on my pupil area which I insist must be my contact folded over and stuck to my eyeball.  It was warm yesterday and my allergies were at high alert.  On to today.  I wake up with gook in the corner of my eye and a swollen feeling at 2 a.m. along with the thunder, lightning, and the power out.  Great.  Of course, since the power went out the alarm didn’t work, so my daughter missed her bus at 6:20.  I’ve decided by 6:45 that it’s definitely pink eye AND my contact is still stuck in there, so I call into school to say I won’t be in and I bravely face the torrential downpour to drive with one good eye the 20 miles each way to bring said child to school.  Then it’s off to school to prepare a lesson for the sub that will never show.  My co-workers have all decided it’s not pink eye but most definitely some deathly infection.  Great.  My eye doctor opens at 9 so I decide I’ll just sit at the door till they open.  I stop by Starbucks for some reinforcements and head off for the death sentence.  Turns out the contact is no longer in the eye but I did a real doozie on the eye trying to get said non-existent contact out.  I scratched it up majorly and it is swollen beyond the realm of my eyelid.  Also, there is mucus (umm, yuck!) so I’ve got an infection for sure.  Pink eye?  Can’t rule it out, could be just infected from me scratching at it voraciously…  As I’m waiting in the dr’s office the skies open back up.  Of course I have to still get my prescription and it’s teacher appreciation week so I NEED to go to Target, so I bravely face the weather to spend $250 bucks to get those 5 items.  (I swear it’s subliminal messaging!)  Now I have my miracle drops and all my kids are blaming it on the kid who showed it up with pink eye.  But hey, I got to sleep in my warm bed while it poured outside, not bad in all.