I teach at a school for students who are currently two years behind in their curricula.  We are basically cramming two years into one and teaching 7th & 8th in one year.  So, to do this we have extended days (8-5) and five Saturday Academies.  Well, as soon as you said the words Saturday and  school together you immediately got groans, complaints, and more than a few expletives from 12-15 year olds.  “My” kids suprised me however in that all 21 of the students in my homeroom and 3-hr math class came.  We were the only class that had 100% attendance from the entire 124 students.  Three of my boys even had football games which they sacrificed going to in order to show up for Saturday Academy.  Kudos to them!  (and I think it says a bit about my expectations of them…)

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