Hugo and Charlie have taken over this week’s TT. It’s Cats Gone Wild! See, we are adopting a dog tomorrow that we found on Petfinder and they don’t seem too happy about it. They’ve been conspiring a bit and they told me that they had a few things on their minds that they’d like to say…. so I turn the floor over to the boys.

Thirteen Reasons that Buster is a BAD idea!

  1. Really, would YOU want this around?
  2. Now our unfurry momma will want to spend time outside throwing a ball… as if! Like, who wants to chase a ball in the heat??? Stupid dogs.
  3. We’re fairly sure, looking at the size of that tongue, that he’ll be drooling all over the place. Seriously, if your tongue can’t give you a bath, what good is it?
  4. What the hell kinda name is Buster?
  5. We just know he’s going to stick his stupid nose in our litter box and WE’LL get blamed for making a mess.
  6. He’s a “water dog”, what is that supposed to mean?
  7. Can he curl up in a ball and have unfurry momma going aww at how fat his belly is??? I think not!
  8. Daddy is driving 3 hours each way to pick him up from where he’s been being used for rehab and therapy on a penal farm… we are SOOOO going to make sure he knows that he was in prison. Who cares that he knows how to shake and sit! Prisoners taught him to do it, it’s probably some super secret gang handshake, dumb dog.
  9. Need I remind you that dogs eat their poop?
  10. Chocolate Lab??? Umm, does he have peanuts and nougat?
  11. The kids will probably be all lovey dovey with him. They’d better not forget who was here first or they’ll be finding presents in their beds. Kids, humph.
  12. Cats = snuggling. Dogs = sweating.
  13. Buster, really?

Much love and Happy TT, Hugo and Charlie

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