With the anniversary coming on Tuesday, lots of memories are flooding back and I guess that is a pun intended. I’ve already posted before about how things have changed in NOLA once.

Here are thirteen images that I was browsing through on my computer. These are pictures that I either took personally or family and friends took of their own homes and surroundings.

  1. This is the ceiling in my mother’s house. There was no water in her house, this is just from the roof giving out.
  2. The hair salon and bar a few blocks from our house. The roof just flopped over.
  3. Business about a mile from our house…. the wall just collapsed. (it’s still like this by the way)
  4. When we were finally allowed to come home on Sept. 19, this is one of the signs we saw as we drove around.
  5. The force of a utility pole.
  6. My husband’s office was across the street from the Dome. This is the view from his office building when they were allowed back in.
  7. And another of the Hyatt if you’re familiar with the Dome area. (yes, those are all blown out windows in Downtown NOLA)
  8. Dear friends of ours about to enter their home in St. Bernard Parish. Notice the red X on the house. If you don’t know about that it’s how the National Guard notified others that the house had been checked for bodies. Luckily, they had evacuated.
  9. Inside their house, we spent many, many days here for family events.
  10. You can just barely see the water line and where the mold begins here. The water was six feet on the second floor of their home.
  11. Ok, so I didn’t take this one, our parish did from a helicopter.. but this is one of the high schools from lower Plaquemines Parish. Of course, the only place you ever saw with water on t.v. was the 9th ward.
  12. It was like a military state here. I live near a base so I’m used to seeing military but that was all we saw for weeks. I was thankful to have them around.
  13. No picture here, just a remembrance of the people and pets that were lost.

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