So, I’ve survived the first week back to school…. barely.  I tell you, I am WORN out!  The classes are small, only 20 kids, and the kids want to be there (for the most part– there are the exceptions), but those are some long days!!  The school day is 7:45-4:45.  Granted, they are getting two school years in one year and they have the opportunity to go from 7th grade to high school in one year, but I know I’m worn out after a week, they’ve got to be as well.  And the kicker… I found out at 5:00 Thursday that I won’t be teaching the reading program that I was supposed to be teaching.  Now, I’ll be moving to Math, yes, 8th grade Math.  I don’t even remember 8th grade Math.  But, I’ll make do.  I know the program we’re using really well, so that’s the part that counts.  The material will come.  So, forgive me for not posting to the blog for the last week, it’s been a helluva week here.