For my baby’s Second Birthday… Thirteen of my Favorite Things she does

  1. Eskimo kisses
  2. When she says “uhv oo mama.”
  3. When playing with daddy and she says “Daddy punny.”
  4. Loving the kitties, being reminded to be nice, then saying “nice Chaw-li!”
  5. That she says her name now, “Mah-get.”
  6. Playing the name game in the car, “sissy, brudda, daddy, mama, sissy- adis-, brudda- dabe-, Mah-get” for miles and miles…
  7. Putting her bow in her hair in the morning- “Bow, pre-ddy!!! Mah-get, pre-ddy!!”
  8. All the hugs and kisses she gives now.
  9. Loving her baby doll (even how filthy the baby is, she REALLY needs a bath!)
  10. Tucking her into her big girl bed :sniff: at night.
  11. Watching her love her daddy so much, even at the sake of the loving she gives me. She is truly a Daddy’s girl.
  12. Seeing how smart she is, even if it is to know that she’s figured out how to scheme her way out of things 🙂
  13. The past two years.

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