Seeing as I only have 13 days till I go back to school, 13 things I’ll miss about being on sabbatical…

  1. Eating my Frosted Mini Wheats in bed while watching the Today Show.
  2. Taking a nap during the middle of the day.
  3. Meeting the kids’ bus at the curb.
  4. Staying in my pjs, that I’m convinced look like a tee and sweats, all day.
  5. Not fixing my hair.
  6. Staying up late to watch Stephen Colbert.
  7. Doing homework with the kids and having it done before dinnertime.
  8. Did I mention napping?
  9. Volunteering to be a room mom.
  10. Meg waking us up instead of me waking Meg up.
  11. Now that Alex will be in middle school and her bus comes at 6:30!!!, I’ll miss sleeping till after the sun comes up.
  12. Eating lunch when and if I feel like it.
  13. NAPPING!!!

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