My two darling oldest children have the most endearing and ANNOYING quality about them. They love each other so very much that they spend LITERALLY every waking moment together. If one wakes up before the other, they make lots of noise so that the other one wakes up soon thereafter. The remainder of the day is a series of fighting about one getting on the other’s nerves because they’re playing with the other’s game or not watching what the other one wants to do. However, if I deem it time for them to spend some time apart, it’s as if Armageddon has ensued. NOOOO! I want to see Alex! -or- She is sneaking to his room to bring him something that was in her room. They absolutely cannot be apart from each other, but cannot be together without bothering each other. What is this phenomenon? Being an only child, I just don’t get it. My husband is the youngest of six, but he didn’t go through this because the two directly preceding him were sisters and were a bit older. I don’t know how my son is going to handle it this year when his sister goes off to middle school and leaves him alone at the primary school. Not that he ever saw her at school and she completely ignored him on the bus (enough to not notice that he missed it twice), but I’m sure it will be a traumatic event in our household in two weeks when school starts and they’re off to their separate campuses. I’ll just be glad to not hear “Leave me alone” and “I want to play with Sissy” all day long. 😀